About Lady Samantha

I am the seductive luxury you secretly desire.


My name is Samantha, but for a select few, I am known as Mistress. With natural dominance, sensuality, style, and elegance, I become your empathetic seductress. I embody the exotic beauty you have always dreamed of.
Sometimes sadistic, sometimes arrogant, sometimes playful, sometimes unattainable, sometimes alluring – but always dominant. I will lead you to discover your true nature!

Admit it: you harbor fantasies that make your life extraordinary. They fill your everyday life with exciting anticipation and transform certain situations into small adventures—at least in your imagination. With me, you can actually experience these adventures. Imaginative. Naughty. Surprising. Uninhibited. Relentless. As a professional dominatrix, it brings me great satisfaction to captivate my submissive followers.

With me, you will find the fulfillment of your deepest fantasies. No matter how dark or perverse they may be, live them out with me and submit to my psychological and physical control.

I will enjoy it without inhibitions, according to my own desires, while asserting my will deliberately. Until your senses lose themselves in pleasure and pain… How do I achieve this? By stimulating, punishing, and rewarding you.

A fascinating game.

I find true joy in my authentic dominance. My devoted guests are allowed to fully enjoy opulent, extravagant scenarios filled with creativity and finesse.
I love assuming different roles and mastering them with authenticity. Whatever staging you desire, whatever fantasies and desires lead you to me, you can trustingly surrender yourself to me.

A special message to my future admirers:

Each of us has a hidden side, a side that only we ourselves know and understand—almost better than anyone else. This side wants to be lived and felt. We yearn to experience it as authentically as possible. Only then can we feel satisfaction and freedom, and find happiness. Because I can empathize with this so well, it is of great importance to me to make our encounter a special experience and to create a space where judgment-free exploration is possible.

You are allowed to dream of me…


Shoe size:

Clothing size:


165 cm (without heels ;))