About Lady Samantha

Kinky Lady with a Dominant Passion


Come to me if you’re brave enough to embrace power and dominance.

Authenticity is key. If you still need to hide your desires, I’ll show you the world of dominance and submission.

I’ll introduce you to a world full of desire, ecstasy, fear, and liberation, becoming your guide and obsession.

Even if you know what you want, my hands will guide you, striking when you crave pain.

I’m familiar with many practices, but I won’t fulfill all your wishes. But if you follow my rules, your fantasies might come true.

I’ll use my body’s exotic beauty, fragrant skin, and striking outfits to drive you wild. My dark eyes will captivate you. I’ll play with your mind, enjoying your reactions. Our time together will leave a mark on your mind and maybe even on your skin. You’ll be enchanted by my passion, dominance, and sadism.

If you’re deserving, I can be loving and dominant. I’m intelligent, unique, and unlike anyone else.


You’re allowed to dream of me.


Shoe size:

Clothing size:


165 cm (without heels ;))