Kinky Bizarr


In the dungeon, I create empathetic and irresistible experiences for you. You feel my breath on your neck while knowing that I am unattainable. The click of my heels echoes in your ears, quickening your heartbeat and making you weak because you have relinquished control.

What will your Mistress do with you?

It is a fulfilling moment when you serve me champagne and worship my feet. There is no doubt about who has control. You belong to me.

You will enjoy the privilege of serving me.

My favorites and taboos you can find here.

Dark dominance


The sight of you on your knees will never be boring to me.

Make no mistake: I will ruthlessly exploit my sensual nature to gain an advantage over you. I will do everything in my power to force you into obedience. It brings me joy to see how quickly you crumble when I deny you contact… or threaten to suffocate you. Your complete submission gives me a sense of limitless dominance.

Have I made you forget your current identity? Can you forget who you are in my presence? Do you feel in this moment who you truly are? Then allow yourself to embrace it all, for I know exactly what pleases you. Suffering and pain can be so sweet and liberating.

Check out my favorites and taboos here.