Lady Samanthas FAQ

Lady Samantha warmly welcomes guests of all genders and sexual orientations without any prejudice.


I am a beginner and have no experience. Can I still meet Lady Samantha?

Absolutely. She always welcomes beginners and their curiosity. However, it is easier for her to give you a great time if you think beforehand about what you find interesting and what is an absolute no-go for you.


Lady Samantha enjoys working with people who are new to the BDSM/kink scene or simply interested in exploring something new. You will talk about your preferences, dislikes, and personal limits, and Lady Samantha is very careful not to leave any visible marks if desired. If you are nervous and would like a detailed consultation, contact Lady Samantha, and you can arrange a phone call, video call, or email exchange for a tribute to discuss everything.


How should I contact Lady Samantha?

You can either send her a WhatsApp/SMS message or contact her by phone. Since she is not always available by phone, you can leave her a message on the voicemail.

Here are the contact options:

  • Contact form
  • Email:
  • Message: +491714121094 (SMS/WhatsApp/Telegram/Threema/Signal)
  • Phone: +491714121094


What is Lady Samantha’s availability?

She has a flexible schedule and only takes a limited number of appointments per week. Her general working hours are from 10 am to 9 pm. There is an additional fee for appointments outside of these hours.


How far in advance can I book an appointment?

There are no restrictions here. Long-term and short-term appointment requests are always possible as long as Lady Samantha is available at the desired time.


Can I book last-minute appointments? Is it possible to book on short notice?

Yes, that is possible, preferably via SMS/message. However, last-minute bookings are only possible in the city where Lady Samantha is currently located. Your message to her should answer the following points (in bullet points):


  • Previously experienced practices
  • Fetish/preferences
  • Age/height/weight
  • Unfulfilled fantasies
  • Your endurance
  • Latex on you yes/no
  • Ideas for the lady’s outfit (latex/leather/lingerie/…)
  • Medical conditions/health status (heart/circulation, breathing…)
  • Taboos
  • 1-2 suggested appointment dates
  • Time frame for the session


Does Lady Samantha offer online or phone training?

Not currently.


Does Lady Samantha offer same-day appointments?

Unfortunately, for new customers, same-day appointments are not possible. All in-person appointments must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. It takes at least that long to verify your references or complete the screening process. Lady Samantha sometimes allows same-day appointments with a minimum of 4 hours notice for returning customers, but please do not assume she is available just because you are excited.


Where does Lady Samantha offer sessions?

For the session, she reserves a private dungeon room in your preferred neighborhood.


Does Lady Samantha also offer sessions in hotels?

Yes, that is possible as long as you have undergone the screening process. Depending on how far the hotel is from her location, additional costs may apply for travel. Please note: Lady Samantha only offers domina sessions. To avoid disappointment, she recommends that you familiarize yourself with her taboos again.


What is the pricing?

You will receive this information directly from Lady Samantha. Please contact her for details.


Is a deposit necessary for my services?

Yes, for new guests, a deposit is mandatory as a confirmation of the appointment. The deposit is to be paid in advance. A deposit via bank transfer serves as security for Lady Samantha and ensures that your meeting takes place. Unfortunately, there have been cases in the past where guests did not show up or fake bookings were made. Therefore, this is unavoidable as Lady Samantha is present in the studio, incurring costs. For her known and reliable guests, the deposit is waived, of course!


The deposit will be deducted from the total amount. If you wish to make an anonymous deposit, this can be done using Bitcoin or XRP.


Further details about deposits, including Lady Samantha’s cancellation and refund policies, can be found here.


How can I make the deposit?

Lady Samantha will inform you in writing about how to make the deposit after all your questions have been clarified and a date for your rendezvous has been set.


Do I need to confirm the session?

A confirmed session is binding in any case. An agreed session should be confirmed a few hours before the appointment by text message.


Can I bring a gift for Lady Samantha?

Gifts always bring joy to Lady Samantha – whether it’s a bottle of champagne or a gift card for custom-made latex clothing. However, please note that gifts do not replace the session fee. Unfortunately, your Lady cannot pay her rent with lingerie. Lady Samantha’s favorite gift ideas can be found on Wishtender.


Are anonymous calls accepted?

No. Blocked phone numbers are forwarded directly to the voicemail. Lady Samantha values discretion. Nevertheless, she wants to know who she is dealing with. After all, you also know who she is.


Does Lady Samantha also engage in switcher roles?

No, Lady Samantha never takes on a submissive role. Inquiries regarding this will result in an immediate block.


Can I request what Lady Samantha wears during our session?

In general, yes. If you have the necessary manners and can formulate a polite request, you are welcome to express your wishes. Lady Samantha enjoys wearing hot outfits: latex, leather, and exquisite lingerie are available in a wide selection. Alternatively, you can leave the choice to her and be surprised.


Is there a pre-session consultation in the studio?

Lady Samantha is happy to take the time to speak with you in advance about your upcoming session. This is an opportunity for both of you to clarify any open questions. However, she generally prefers to know your inclination profile in advance. This way, she can prepare accordingly beforehand.


Is there a post-session discussion?

Lady Samantha is happy to talk with you about your recent experience. She appreciates your feedback! If the session left you speechless, it would be a shame to discuss the magic away. In this case, she would appreciate it if you could email her your impressions after your meeting.


How should I prepare for a meeting?

Just as in all aspects of life, emphasis should be placed on a neat appearance and general personal hygiene. Showering is possible at Lady Samantha’s studio before and after the session in all cases.


How can I make a good impression?

Here are the things that will quickly make you one of Lady Samantha’s favorites:


Send her a respectful and detailed inquiry through her contact form. She plans kinky scenes in advance, and the more she understands about your preferences, the more thoughtful your time together will be.

Confirm your meeting a few hours before the appointment.

Hand over the remainder of your tribute in cash in a white envelope before your session begins.

Send her a thank-you email with your impressions after your session. She truly appreciates it.

What is the procedure when I arrive at Lady Samantha’s studio?


Lady Samantha will provide you with precise instructions on where and how to check in.

You ring the doorbell of the studio, Lady Samantha opens the door for you, and you wait at the closed door from the inside. If you’re on time, she will personally greet you. Then you both go to the reception area and have a pre-session discussion to discuss your preferences and limits. After that, she will give you time to shower quickly, and she will come to get you from the bathroom once you’re ready. You will then go together to the room that is suitable for your session, or you can start directly in the bathroom, depending on your preference. Please note that the layout may vary in guest studios where Lady Samantha is located.


Can I cancel the session if I realize it’s not for me?

Of course! Lady Samantha will not force or persuade you to continue the session until the end. Either you find something that you enjoy or you simply have a conversation. If you want to leave, it’s also possible. However, Lady Samantha reserves the right to keep the honorarium for the time reserved for you since she cannot accommodate other guests during that time. You can find a solution together.


Can I extend the session with Lady Samantha or invite another lady for a duo session?

Yes, it is generally possible to extend the session if Lady Samantha doesn’t have any other appointments immediately afterward. Of course, there will be an additional honorarium for the extended time. Similarly, it is possible to book a duo session with another lady, provided she is available. Make sure to inquire about this well in advance.


Does Lady Samantha offer sissy scenes?

Lady Samantha loves to perform complete feminization transformations where the tone is constructive and not degrading. Scenes like these can be very affirming, and she enjoys creating a non-judgmental space where you can liberate and explore under her guidance. Lady Samantha utilizes her years of formal etiquette training to set unreachable high standards for her maids, and her makeup skills to prepare princesses for photoshoots.


Does Lady Samantha also play with couples?

Yes, she enjoys it immensely! Whether you want to be dominated, seek specific kinky tasks to intensify your lovemaking, or simply want someone to teach your partner how to properly spank you… Contact Lady Samantha, and you’ll see if you’re a good fit together.


Can I be Lady Samantha’s slave/lifestyle sub?

No, Lady Samantha only accepts lifestyle subs with whom she has already built a high level of trust, relationship, and comfort. It takes years to earn this privilege. If you’re interested in a tribute-based, lifestyle-like dominance experience, you can book a paid session and explore it in that way.


What are Lady Samantha’s boundaries and taboos?

Lady Samantha’s general boundaries are:


-Intimate contact such as intercourse/oral sex/french kissing is absolutely taboo.

-Anything that could harm her, switching, or competition (wrestling).

-Anything that could cause you significant harm, such as acute physical injuries or extreme medical play.

-Race play, police roleplay, or degrading sissification.

-Anything that could compromise consent, such as forced intoxication or extreme sleep deprivation.

-Any games that involve minors, such as student and teacher scenarios.

-Breath play.

-Killing games.

-Pet play.

-Age Play





Apart from these categories, Lady Samantha is very open to most fetishes, no matter how obscure or taboo they may seem. Just ask! If it’s not her area of expertise, she usually knows an excellent person to refer you to.


What are Lady Samantha’s interests and specializations?

Lady Samantha’s favorite scenes include role-playing scenarios, CNC themes (Consensual Non-Consent), or the use of her favorite toys. Find out…


For more of her favorite fetishes, take a look at her preferences page. She loves incorporating some of these elements.


She would be happy to tell you about some of her favorite scenes or personal fantasies if you arrange a call with her on Niteflirt.


My fetish is really obscure/taboo/niche. Is Lady Samantha interested?

Lady Samantha loves damn obscure, niche fetishes. Everyone has their own individual preferences, and the diversity of creativity is part of why she enjoys doing what she does. Even if your inclinations don’t necessarily align with her personal preferences, Lady Samantha won’t judge you for it.


Will Lady Samantha do a public scene with me?

That depends on the scene and the location. Lady Samantha enjoys going to one of her favorite kink parties and having you naked on a leash, fetching various shoe boxes for her, or subtly spitting in your drink while you’re at a restaurant. However, she won’t do anything that violates the consent of the audience or could be misunderstood as non-consensual abuse.


Does Lady Samantha play without a safeword?

Lady Samantha is very skilled at reading body language, but she still requires some form of safety system – whether it’s a word, a gesture, or a signal. This applies even in CNC scenes.


Why do certain practices with Lady Samantha cost more than just the hourly rate?

If you desire a session with special practices, it requires preparation beyond the usual preparation. Similarly, certain practices in the clinic cost more because Lady Samantha only works with the best medical products, which can be quite expensive. In addition, her expertise and years of experience benefit you, allowing you to relax and not worry about serious injuries or infections.


I have booked an appointment and need to cancel it. What should I consider?

There can always be unforeseen circumstances, or you may not feel ready to meet Lady Samantha after all. In all cases, she appreciates it if you value her time and inform her of the cancellation. A short message is sufficient. Details about the cancellation policy can be found in the POLICIES section.