Before the first meeting, Lady Samantha expects all potential new admirers to undergo a brief screening process. Verification is a common practice to ensure Lady Samantha’s safety and is non-negotiable. She appreciates your cooperation. She will ask you to provide one of the following pieces of information:

OPTION 1: References from 2-3 other independent Dommes or providers you have met in the last year.

OPTION 2: A photo of your ID.



The information and details of your encounter will be treated with complete confidentiality.



A deposit of 20% is mandatory for all new guests.

Lady Samantha offers the following payment options:


Paypal (ls@ladysamantha.de; incl. your name, date and time of the session)

Bank transfer (for details please contact Lady Samantha directly)


Your appointment is only reserved once your deposit is received. If you delay your deposit and someone else takes your time slot, you can either reschedule or receive a refund through the original payment method. Otherwise, deposits are non-refundable.



A smooth cancellation of your agreed-upon session is possible up to 72 hours in advance. In this case, your deposit will be credited, and you can meet at a later date (within 6 months). Alternatively, Lady Samantha will refund your deposit through the same payment method you used for the deposit.


Last-minute cancellations: Your deposit is intended to secure your hotel or dungeon space at the studio and will expire if you cancel less than 72 hours before our session. A refund is not possible.

In case of a no-show, Lady Samantha will keep the deposit, and it cannot be applied to a new appointment.


Extraordinary circumstances: If an unlikely event occurs that prevents you from meeting (e.g., Lady Samantha’s illness), she will refund your deposit within 3 days through the original method.


Late arrival: Although Lady Samantha understands that traffic in the city can be chaotic, she values punctuality. She will always do her best to accommodate your schedule, but if you arrive more than 15 minutes late, please note that it may affect your shared time in the session.