I have specialized in the following practices in addition to my classical BDSM preferences:

Tease & Denial

Personally, I’m all about Tease & Denial. It’s this hot and cold game where I’ll get you all worked up and then stop right before you hit the peak. I’ll keep doing it until you’re practically losing your mind. Playing with your desire while denying your satisfaction? It’s a blast for me while it drives you wild.

Org. control is a total power trip. I get to decide when, how, and if you get to release. And adding stuff like electricity, toys, or even temperature play? It just amps it up. Oh, and the chastity belt? It’s like wearing my control over you on the outside.

Medical Play

Being able to unleash my sadistic side with fetish clinic games is so satisfying. We’ve got this fully kitted out clinic room with all the gear you could need for all kinds of treatments.

Watching you let go of control, totally submissive—it’s just mind-blowing!

Foot and shoe fetish

I love looking down at you. In these sexy high heels, you’re feeling my gorgeous feet. It just fills me up when you adore my delicate little tootsies—kissing, massaging them. You won’t be able to resist.

Sl*ve training

You’ll get sl*ve training from me in person, over email, phone, or WhatsApp — whatever works for you. My aim is to teach you how to behave around me, using different methods. I expect total dedication. With cane and whip, I’ll mix pleasure and pain. CBT and other ways to torture you are all fair game. And in the end, having you as my mindless servant? That’s going to be pure bliss.

TV - Education

As the male part, you’re fascinated by women’s clothes and imagine slipping into the role of a sexy woman for a while? Experiencing that feeling. The focus here is on feminization and learning typical female behaviors.

I’ll teach you how to bring your female/feminine fantasies to life. I’ll transform you into a ‘sexy woman,’ my ‘best friend,’ or my maid.

One variant of the training is to educate you as my object of desire. I’ll use you as a ‘woman’ with sexy breasts, high heels, seductive outfits, beautiful wigs, and hot lipstick. It’s a wonderful result!

As my TV maid in maid’s clothing, you’ll dress me and serve me at all times. What I expect from you are good manners like politeness, obedience, and restraint, elegant movements, and proper serving at the table.

You’re available to me at any time on command; but not just to me, but also to my other lustful guests.

Here’s what you’ll experience during your training with me:





Walking training


Non-verbal communication